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Natural Pain Relief-- Effective and Safe

EFT gets our Five Star Recommendation

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Natural Pain Relief - No pills!

A growing number of physicians are often "tossing the meds" in favor of EFT, an astonishing new natural pain relief discovery that can be simply described as "Acupuncture without Needles." This natural pain relief technique can be learned by anyone and you can get started for FREE. It has provided effective relief in thousands of clinical cases and, properly done, the success rate is 80%. Further, it doesn't seem to matter how severe the pain is or how long you have had it.


Natural Pain Relief Information

While hypnosis, massage, reflexology and chiropractic manipulations have also proven beneficial for pain relief, their results are neither as powerful nor as long lasting as EFT.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is an emotional version of acupuncture, except that needles aren't necessary. Instead, you stimulate established meridian points by tapping on them with your fingertips. This serves to balance the body's subtle energies which, in turn, brings both emotional relaxation and pain relief to the body.

Natural pain relief examples - what is possible with EFT?

Here are some comments from patients and EFT practitioners...

Stephanie Y. Rothman, CHT

In my practice, I have helped people with many physical issues using only EFT. Sometimes, I have witnessed spontaneous remissions of pain while working on emotional issues or on entirely different physical issues. My clients have experienced relief from pain and discomfort relating to the following:

neck stiffness

stomach cramps
postoperative discomfort

Mary Sise, CSW

When I was first learning EFT, I recruited as many of the staff in my office as I could to "try" this new thing...Very skeptically they came in with their phobias, fears aches and pains etc. Two of the most memorable ones though were from the psychiatrists who work with me. One had severe back pain for which she had been taking pain killers for months. She was on her way to get her noon dose, and agreed to a round of EFT. After one or two rounds her pain was completely eliminated and it has not reoccurred (it's been several months now). The other psychiatrist had TMJ and rated it as a 7 at the moment. With a few rounds that was eliminated. That held for at least a few weeks, I haven't checked with him lately so I'm not sure if it still holds, I informed him that if he held his stress in his jaw it could return, but to just use EFT to release it. They walked away puzzled, and are now using EFT with their own patients!!

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